Renew your energy.
Reclaim your focus.
Restore your confidence.

A holistic approach to ADHD
wellness for moms

You do not have to carry the weight of your world by yourself.

Are you an ADHD mom struggling to navigate daily life? Do you feel like you’re constantly juggling responsibilities, but never quite finding your balance? You’re not alone. Many moms just like you are facing similar challenges and uncertainties.

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and isolated, trying to manage the demands of motherhood while also dealing with ADHD-related difficulties. Your days may feel chaotic, and you might long for a sense of control and stability.

It’s possible that you’re experiencing barriers to self-care, such as difficulty maintaining a consistent exercise routine or coping with emotional dysregulation. These obstacles can make it even harder to feel like yourself and find joy in your daily activities.

If you’ve been telling yourself that you just need to try harder to keep everything together – from motherhood to relationships to your career and personal well-being – it’s time to take a step back and recognize that you deserve support.

Dr. Anna Burns understands what you’re going through. Since 2010, she has worked with thousands of women, including ADHD moms, who are navigating similar journeys. She knows first-hand that navigating ADHD as an adult, and especially as a mom,  takes education, support, and creative problem solving.

That’s why Anna has developed a coaching program specifically designed to help ADHD moms like you feel strong, confident, and empowered in this new phase of life. Through personalized guidance and support, you can gain the tools and strategies you need to thrive despite the challenges you face.

You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Join Dr. Anna Burns and a community of like-minded moms who are ready to embrace their strengths and create a life they love. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Dr. Anna Burns has combined her love of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of an ADHD mother's journey into one-of-a-kind coaching programs that will take you from overwhelm and chaos to clarity and confidence.

Addressing your ADHD involves more than just focusing on getting more organized.

Over many years of talking to women about their concerns, Anna noticed that her clients’ narratives about sense-of-self were intimately tied to their ability to cope with the challenges that ADHD and parenting particularly bring.

Indeed, women constitute the largest demographic receiving ADHD diagnoses, often going unrecognized for most of their lives. If your current experiences don’t match the expectations you had, it can have a significant impact on your mental well-being.

What Anna's programs are all about: The top four goals

Overcome the organizational obstacles related to ADHD that hinder your productivity and time management skills, allowing you to achieve your goals more effectively.

Tackle the emotional barriers associated with ADHD that prevent you from experiencing joy and fulfillment in your daily activities.

Establish sustainable daily routines and rituals to strengthen your resolve, sense of self, and confidence.

Address the social challenges stemming from ADHD that impact your relationships and sense of connection with others, fostering a greater sense of belonging and support.

What can you expect from coaching?

A total reset on your daily routine that prioritizes your passions.

An ability to navigate ADHD challenges, finding effective solutions for calm and well-being

A confidence in your capabilities as a person, parent, professional, and partner that comes directly from your progress and achievements during coaching.
No more self-doubt! 

A roadmap to get you from where you are today to the life you dream about.
No more excuses!

A partner in your journey with the professional experience to keep you accountable.
No more going it alone!

A plan for today, tomorrow, and always for when you get off course and need a reminder that you can achieve a life of clarity, intention, and love.
No more chaos!

A supportive network of women who understand the importance of self-care in managing ADHD and are committed to supporting you on your journey towards wellness, regardless of your starting point, aspirations, or the time it takes to achieve your goals.

Anna's programs include:

One-hour private or group sessions with Anna that follow your schedule and availability

An entirely virtual experience from the comfort and convenience of home

A personal approach to ADHD that Anna bases on your specific roadblocks and goals

Caring, thoughtful conversation and plans for action that translate into true change, one step at a time

Assignments and activities to track your progress and keep you moving forward between coaching sessions

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